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Replacing older windows and doors with new, energy-efficient models can save the average homeowner a lot of money. It will also improve the appearance of the home and can improve the security of the home.

Vinyl windows are a popular choice because they are relatively inexpensive and virtually maintenance-free. Wood windows look better than vinyl windows but require significant maintenance and are more expensive than vinyl windows. An advantage of wood windows is that they can be repainted in any color. The color of a vinyl window cannot be changed without replacing the window.

Replacement windows are rated on their ability to keep heat from escaping from the house and also on their ability to block the energy of sunlight from entering the house. The heat-trapping ability of windows is increased by filling the spaces between the layers of glass with nitrogen or argon. The glass of the windows can also be coated with special materials (low-E glass) to reflect heat back into the house or block it from entering the house.

Replacement doors need to look good but also should be energy-efficient and difficult to break down. Good replacement doors are usually made out of fiberglass or steel. Wood is also an option, but while it looks good, it tends to be less secure and requires much more maintenance than a steel door.

Replacement doors can be hung inside the old door frame or can be purchased pre-hung in a frame that is installed in place of the old door frame. If the old door frame is in excellent condition, it can be used with the new door. Most old door frames show signs of wear and tear, so installing a pre-hung door with a new frame will freshen up the entryway. Installing a door so that it swings smoothly and evenly is not a trivial task and is best left to a professional.

Hiring a true professional to install replacement windows and doors make a difference both in how easy the process is for the client and in the quality of the final installation. A professional contractor meets deadlines, does high-quality work, cleans up the work site and even recycles all of the old materials. A professional won't damage your landscaping and offers excellent customer service.

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