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Roof replacements demand the best contractors because this surface protects the rest of the home from weathering damage. From fascia boards to shingles, the roof is actually a complex entity to direct water off the home and into nearby sewers. Experienced roofers will explain their installation processes with as much detail as possible to keep the homeowner perfectly informed.

Once a contract is signed, contractors must remove the old roof materials to start the project. Reputable and responsible roofers try to recycle old shingles to avoid extensive waste off one job site alone. With the roof exposed, the structure's integrity must be examined. Any cracks or damage should be repaired before the new material can be installed. This examination and repair period is critical to overall roof health.

With a strong roof ready for installation, an underlayment goes down across the surface. This roofing felt is part of the waterproofing process. Although shingles direct water off the roof, there needs to be a backup material to protect the wood structure below. Roofing felt covers the entire roof before shingles are even laid out.

Contractors attach shingles using either manual hammering or power tools. Each shingle row is aligned perfectly with the roof's shape. Roofers may even draw a chalk line on the underlayment to help them align the shingles perfectly parallel. For laminated shingles, each subsequent row is layered with the previous one. Other shingle installations don't have layers but offer a smooth surface after the roof is completed.

Shingle installation isn't the end of the process but is merely part of a proper roof project. Contractors also add flashing or metal pieces to structure edges and transitions to keep water from infiltrating the roof from the sides. Fascia boards were probably removed to access the roof easily, making it critical to add them back along with any removed rain gutters.

Roofing professionals will quote and explain all these concepts to help homeowners understand their investment. Once the roof is complete, it doesn't require another installation for many decades. Look over the warranty and keep up with maintenance to see the roof shine each day.

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