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Homeowners may overlook rain gutter importance over the years, but malfunctioning gutters take center stage the moment a storm comes in. Leaking or broken gutters drop water down to the foundation's edge. If the home doesn't have a proper slope away from the foundation, water puddles and slowly seeps into the ground. Foundation shifts are possible if gutters aren't replaced or repaired right away. An expert gutter installer can quote and create a new system that works for any property type.

The best drainage choice on the market today is seamless gutters. These gutters aren't just water pathways, but they can be painted and constructed for any decor concept. Although they are normally white, paint the gutters the same color as the home for better camouflage. There's no need to highlight these functional parts of the home.

When homeowners decide on a gutter size, it's best to choose between 5 inches and 6 inches wide. A huge volume of water can move through the gutters during any given rainstorm. The gutters take in all the water sloughed off the roof. Nearly a half-foot of gutter width is sufficient enough to provide safe passage for all water flows. There's even room for some debris along the way if the gutter is uncovered.

When homeowners have favorite trees surrounding a home, their leaves, branches and twigs are bound to fall into gutters. Consider gutter covers during an installation project. These covers are normally mesh, allowing water to flow through the wires while holding back leaves and other debris. Gutters will still require consistent cleaning in the fall and spring, but the job won't be as difficult as before.

Expert contractors align rain gutters with a slight slope during installation. Water should flow easily in both horizontal and vertical fashions. On-site installation should also include customized fitting and cutting. No two installations are alike so pre-cut seamless gutters aren't possible.

Contact a reputable gutter contractor to see the difference a new installation makes. Protect the foundation and nearby gardens with water flows off to the local sewer. Homeowners should keep an eye on their roofs and gutters to determine the next installation time.

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