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Although overlooked by many homeowners, outdoor decks are one of the few property improvements that provide a strong return on investment. A properly installed deck extends a living room space, for example, giving the impression of a larger home. Deck construction requires a reputable contractor with vision and design expertise.

The deck design process starts with a property assessment. The desired area may need leveling or shoring to support the deck above. Contractors give homeowners an honest list of alterations, installations and costs associated with the deck. If an expansive deck isn't possible, contractors can possibly quote a screened-in porch. These protected spaces still extend the living space but without a lot of necessary exterior square footage for construction.

Decking materials are normally wood installations, but homeowners do have some choices in the type of wood selected. Since a deck is part of the home's exterior, its hue should complement the structure's overall paint color. Contractors can suggest hues perfect for a particular property.

With a design in mind, the deck project begins with proper permitting. Reputable contractors obtain the permits because they have the details on the installation to conform to local regulations. Homeowners should be aware that any contractor asking them for permits is a questionable company.

Contractors will set up work times with the homeowner to reduce any strain on the household routine. There will be some heavy machinery necessary to create pilings for the deck, so moving favorite gardens or flowerbeds may be necessary in some cases. Contractors provide this information well before the installation period so homeowners are prepared for all job aspects.

Workers customize the deck's shape and size to the property so most wood cutting is performed on-site. Contractors isolate sawdust and other waste as much as possible to keep the home clean. Any waste materials left after the project should be cleaned up by the workers. There should be almost no cleanup necessary for the homeowners.

The resulting deck should be ready for gatherings immediately. Contractors will go over any care or maintenance items before they leave. A new deck should only have minimal needs over its lifetime.

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