Top 8 Questions About New Siding For Your Home Answered.

Siding FAQ

1. Question You Should Ask: Are you licensed?
Answer: In North Carolina a general contractor license is not required for jobs under $30,000. I am a certified roofing contractor with GAF, OC, and IKO and I am a preferred contractor with James Hardie siding. It is important to ensure the company you choose complies with all state laws.
New Owens Corning roof on a home in Raleigh
2. Question You Should Ask: Do you have workman’s comp insurance?
Answer: Yes, Workman's comp insurance can be an expensive cost some roofing companies will not carry, however, it is the law. If an injury were to occur the cost could be carried by the homeowner so it is prudent to find a company that carries this important insurance.
New Owens Corning roof on a home in Raleigh
3. Question You Should Ask: Do you carry general liability insurance?
Answer: Yes:, This insurance is similar to workman's comp escept where workman's comp covers the workers, liability insurance covers your property. This is important insurance to carry to make sure any damage done to your property is covered by the siding company and not your own insurance.
New hardie Plank siding on a home in Raleigh
4. Question You Should Ask: Isn’t it cheaper to repaint my home?
Answer: If you plan to move soon, possibly, but if you plan to stay in your home 5 or more years it can be a wise investment that will create a low cost and low maintenance expense as well as potentially greatly increasing th value of your home. You need to know all your options and line up with a company that has your best interest at heart.
New installed siding on a home in Raleigh using Hardie Plank siding from James Hardie Siding.
5. Question You Should Ask: What kinds of siding do you offer?
Answer: We offer numerous varieties of siding and styles including fiber cement. Having options such as material, style, and color allows you to make the best chice for the look of your home that will increase your home's value and appeal.
Beautiful new Hardie Plank siding on a Raleigh home
6. Question You Should Ask: What is fiber cement siding and how is it made?
Answer: Fiber cement is composed of sand, cement, wood fiber and fillers. Fiber cement is a beautiful and durable material that can look like stucco, or even molded to look like wood and masonry.
Hardie Plank siding installation in Raleigh
7. Question You Should Ask: Do you install accessories and trim?
Answer: Yes. What is new siding without the finishing touches? A siding company you can trust will ensure you have a beautiful new home and not just half the job.
New windows installed in a Raleigh home
8. Question What to Expect When Replacing Your Siding
Answer: A siding project varies depending on the material, but there are some general things that will happen during the course a siding replacement job.

• New siding materials are delivered.
• Your old siding is removed. An inspection of the exterior of your home is then made to insure there is no damage underneath the siding.
• The exterior of your home is then prepped for new siding. We cover the exposed areas for protection from the weather elements.
• Flashing Is installed first and then the siding is installed.
• Final cleanup when the project is completed. We will leave your home looking beautiful from the new siding and insure that everything around the house (landscaping, etc) is left as beautiful as it was before we started.