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Manufacturer Trained Raleigh Based Roofing

As an Owens Corning Preferred contractor, we have been trained in all aspects of roofing.  When you combine that with our outstanding customer service, quality of workmanship and our on time reliability, you can feel comfortable that your roofing job will be done right and completed professionally. We can install any brand of roofing shingles, but recommend Owens Corning and here is why!  We specialize in residential roofs, we have been in business over ten years, and have a long list of very satisfied customers whose new roofs are protecting their homes and will for many years to come. We follow all the latest manufacturer recommendations when we do a roofing installation. In addition to our years of experience, we strive to insure we are well trained from both Owens Corning and other manufacturers in the latest advancements on roofing technology, insuring your roof is done using the best materials, asphalt shingles, and workmanship. We are also certified to offer extended warranties that provide lifetime coverage for workmanship.

If your home is in need of a new roof and you want to find the most reliable and honest roofing company in Raleigh, a company that has the technical expertise and fantastic customer service with the 5 star reviews to back it up, look no farther than Otto's Exteriors in Raleigh. Every homeowner is aware of how important their roof is to their comfort and safety within their home. But it is really easy to forget all about your roof until it starts to leak or something goes wrong. That's why even if your roof looks ok, it is always a great choice to have it looked at every year with our Otto's Annual Inspection Program. This is especially true if a rough storm has been through your neighborhood lately. There can be hidden problems, that if not caught early, can cost serious money down the road to fix. Please take a moment and click this link to review our Owens Corning Roofing System Inspection Checklist. This checklist will provide a great guide for you as we perform our work. We are an Owens Corning Preferred Roofing Contractor which means we have set the bar high when it comes to quality so you can be guaranteed a beautiful roof with no leaks. Otto's Exteriors stands by their craftsmanship by also offering a lifetime, non-prorated Otto's Guarantee on all materials and labor giving you peace of mind.

The weather in Raleigh can be unpredictable at best, this is why we will always offer Free Damage Assessments to our community by a licensed contractor skilled in locating potential damage and points of water entry. This is especially important because in many cases a roof may not look damaged but could be hiding a surprise for our clients.

Superior Customer Service And Satisfied Clients

We take your family's busy schedule into consideration with every project we complete. Not only do we set a work schedule that works around your life during the free consultation, we also make sure to have a manager on hand at all times during the renovation to ensure constant communication with you. We also strive to leave as little impact as possible by making it appear as if we were never there and we take pride in recycling all materials at every chance. Check out testimonials from our clients here.

Want to view some of the awesome colors and patterns we have in roofing shingles? Take a moment and look at our Full Owens Corning Roofing Product Guide. You can see all the fabulous colors and patterns that we have available with Owens Corning shingles.

Superior Craftsmanship

The key to any successful roofing installation is training and making sure our laborers stay up to date on the latest technological advancements in shingle installations. By paying close attention to the details we are certain your home will have a new roof using the highest quality craftsmanship and a dedication to insuring customer satisfaction. It doesn't end there, we have a manager on site at all times to insure everything is being done the correct way. We understand that using unskilled laborers can result in a sub standard roof. That's why we treat our roofers well, we don't rush them to get this job done so they can start another job. We expect them to follow all the proper installation procedures and to concentrate on doing the job right the first time.

Sure Nail SystemA master craftsman takes their job seriously. Right down to the smallest detail such as nailing.  Owens Corning uses SureNail┬« Technology. Owens Corning explains, The difference between a good shingle and a great shingle is having SureNail Technology. With SureNail Technology, strength and durability are built into every Duration Series shingle, thanks to the unique fabric strip in the nailing area. This unique shingle design provides outstanding gripping power.