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Wooden windows are aesthetically pleasing to home and business owners. Wood offers property owners a certain comfort that surfaces like vinyl or aluminum cannot achieve. There are definite advantages and disadvantages to using wood windows for a building. One of the biggest drawbacks is that wood requires a a good deal of maintenance. Another downfall is that it can rot or crack easily. Vinyl is a lot cheaper to use in homes and businesses because it resists wear and tear and requires very little maintenance. Aluminum is not as efficient as wood, so wood is better than metal. Advantages of using wood include versatility, simple construction and durability.

Hardwoods like mahogany can be used in windows, but the cost is significantly higher than softer woods like poplars. Hardwood only requires a sealing coat of varnish on the frame and inner parts to protect it from the weather. Windows made with softer wood require regular inspections and continuous painting. A property owner who plan to have these installed by Raleigh windows professionals should consider the amount of time they can afford to spend on yearly maintenance before going through with the process.

Wood that is not properly treated can warp, rot and crack easily. The longer time goes on, the worse these problems can become. Fixing them is easy, but requires more time than most property owners are willing to spend.

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After years, the cost to maintain can get expensive compared to the cost of installing vinyl or fiberglass windows.

Wood does help insulate a home or business against changing temperatures, but hardwood does a better job at insulating than softer woods. One of the best benefits of wood windows is that they can be customized to fit any style or decor. Wood fits well with almost every style home or business. Trim can be added to change the look of the wooden windows to match perfectly with any property.

One of the biggest benefits of using wood windows is that when they are maintained properly, wood windows can last for twenty years or more; this includes the window sash that holds the glass panes in place. Some historic homes and buildings in historic districts mandate that wood window replacements be used to stay in accordance with regulations. In these cases, wooden windows can be fitted with glazed glass, Low E coated panes or thicker insulation like weatherstripping for better energy efficiency. Experts suggest that property owners considering wooden windows should always research the types of wood, glass and companies that install wood windows to find the right product for their property.

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