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Windows play a big part in creating a comfortable home. They provide natural light while giving homeowners the opportunity to bring the outside in. Homeowners shouldn't overlook proper window maintenance. Windows are exposed to a lot of wear and tear from Mother Nature. It is important for homeowners to take the time needed to keep their windows in great condition. Well maintained Raleigh windows have a longer lifespan and better protection against temperature changes and would be burglars.

One of the best things a homeowner can do for their window is have it inspected by a professional. An inspector will thoroughly check every aspect of the window to ensure that it provides optimal safety and protection. They'll check for signs of moisture and mold as well, and they may be able to find issues with the window before they become costly to repair.

Of course, every window needs an occasional cleaning. Glass cleaner can help make the panes shine and let in more light. It is also recommended to clean casings and frames. Wooden windows should be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth to avoid the chances of rot. Vinyl and aluminum windows can handle a bit more rigorous cleaning with a brush.

A windows installer from Otto's Exteriors of Raleigh would be happy to answer any questions you have about entry doors and gutters.

To improve the home's energy efficiency, windows should be sealed with caulk. Older rubber seals can deteriorate over time, allowing air to seep in through gaps around the edges of the window. The old seal should be replaced with a fine bead of high quality caulk.

Windows should also be painted to renew their finish. A new coat of paint will also help protect the window from the elements outside. When painting a window, homeowners should ensure that the window is clean and free of dust. They should also avoid any moving parts as these will get stuck once the paint dries.

Finally, any broken parts should be fixed. Cracks and holes in the frame should be dealt with as soon as possible. Neglecting to fix these issues quickly will only result in it worsening. Wooden windows that have rot can easily be fixed with a bit of epoxy. The rotten wood should be removed with a screwdriver. The epoxy can then be used to fill in the empty space. After it dries, a simple sanding and paint job will provide a seamless appearance.

With a bit of much needed attention, homeowners can make their windows look brand new. Proper maintenance will help to prolong the life of windows dramatically, ensuring that they are providing light and protection for many years to come.

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