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When it comes to windows, many homeowners wish they could use a magical divining rod to find the source of tricky leaks. However, the frustrating problem of leaking windows can be solved with the help of experienced Raleigh windows professionals, who can pinpoint and remove the source of any window leakage and repair any existing water damage.

To avoid extensive damage, it's crucial to catch leaks early. The problem is that many people aren't even aware that their windows have leaks. They become at risk for homeowner's nightmares like mold, wood rot and the destruction of drywall. To avoid these problems, homeowners need to be aware of the sneaky signs that water is starting to wreak havoc on their windows.

Finding water running down the inside of a window and onto the sill is a no brainer when it comes to determining if there is a window leak. Many times, however, there are sneaky window leaks with signs that are not so apparent. Usually, these symptoms show themselves only after substantial damage has been done.

If signs of leaks are caught early through regular inspections of all windows, a substantial expense and even premature window replacement can be avoided. Unfortunately, many issues with leaking are due to improper window installation, so if leaking problems don't become apparent during the warranty period, there may be no choice but to replace windows before the end of their typical life cycle.

A windows installer from Otto's Exteriors of Raleigh NC would be happy to answer any question you have about siding or replacement windows.

One sneaky sign of leaking windows is paint peeling off an interior wood windowsill. Paint peeling on an interior wall near a window can also be an indication of leaks. On the outside of the house, rotting wood on the exterior frames often points to a leak. To find the source of a leak, a homeowner can follow the leak path and look for holes or other damage.

It's recommended to inspect the outside of windows twice a year for peeling or damaged caulking. If there is damaged caulking present, it should be removed and re caulked. Also, check the sealant between the window and the glass. It may have come loose and is no longer watertight. Inspect windowsills to make sure they are pitched down to drain water away from the interior. Gently push on wood frames and trim with a screwdriver to look for softened or rotted wood.

If there are any issues found, call a reputable window contractor for help. They can troubleshoot leaks and repair windows and water damaged materials.

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