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Many homeowners wait until winter has passed before deciding whether they want to replace their home's windows. Spring is a great time to do that because the weather will be milder and installation will go smoother. Knowing what to look for when inspecting windows can be helpful, since ignoring or delaying repairs will exacerbate the problem. Not all windows can be easily fixed. Serious decay, broken parts or water seeping in around the window frame are signs that the window might need to be replaced.

If energy-efficient windows are being considered, it's a good idea to order and install them before hot weather sets in. Standard windows do not provide much insulation from the summer heat, and they allow more of the sun's rays to pass through the glass. This causes the interior of the home to become quite warm. Carpet and furniture might fade. An air conditioning system will have to work harder to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. By thinking ahead, Otto's Exteriors, a highly-experienced Raleigh windows contractor, can work within the family's schedule and have those new windows safely installed and ready for a comfortable summer.

Sometimes, older Raleigh homes will have lead paint still on the window frames. Those single-pane windows can release lead dust into the air when windows are open or shut.

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That can be particularly problematic for children. Special care must be taken when replacing windows with lead paint. A contractor certified in handling lead-paint situations needs to be contacted for an evaluation. Replacing the windows will take care of the problem, but it isn't safe for homeowners to attempt that type of project themselves.

Windows might also need replacing is when the windowpanes feel very cold to the touch. Single-pane windows can actually freeze shut. If cold air is coming into the house through the window, frost on the inside of the glass can cause the window to crack or break. If that moisture isn't noticed and taken care of right away, mold can begin to grow. Double-pane glass is safer and more efficient, but many older homes still have their original single-pane windows.

One of the more important reasons to replace the windows is their visual appeal. Updating mismatched styles and designs or color coordinating the windows to fit in with the home's current decor are good reasons to think about replacing the windows. A new window can help preserve the beauty of a home while offering homeowners the long-lasting quality they deserve.

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