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Raleigh Windows: Article About Vinyl Vs. Wood Windows

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Wood windows were once the most popular options for homeowners, but as manufacturers released new designs and discovered new ways of producing windows, the popularity of wood waned. Shoppers today still have the option of selecting wood designs, but many find themselves drawn to vinyl options. Raleigh windows contractors have years of experience helping homeowners select the right windows and choose between the different materials. Looking at the pros and cons of each type is a good way to find the right windows for any home.

Though aluminum ranked as one of the top window materials for a number of years, it later found itself displaced with vinyl. It wasn't until the 1970s that manufacturers found a way to create a type of vinyl that was strong enough for use in window applications and durable enough to last for an extended period of time. That durability is one of the reasons why so many homeowners choose this material. With proper care and maintenance, windows made from vinyl can last for up to 20 years.

Fixing vinyl windows is also easy.

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As so many companies now make these designs, homeowners and installers can easily find replacement parts directly from the manufacturer or from other sources. The cost of fixing a broken window is fairly affordable too. Vinyl also retains its color for years, which means that homeowners won't need to paint the windows. Vinyl comes in dozens of options and hundreds of colors, and some even use double glazing and a gas like Argon to reduce energy bills.

Wood is the oldest type of window material and is still popular with many people. Wood windows come in different energy efficient designs and in just as many designs as vinyl does. Homeowners also like how long the material can last. There are homes that still have the original windows from decades ago.

The downside is that wood requires more in the way of maintenance than vinyl does. It needs regular cleaning and painting or staining. Even when covered in a clear coat or a sealant, the paint or stain can fade from exposure to the sun. Homeowners will generally need to apply a new coat of stain or paint every few years.

Choosing a window material often comes down to a matter of personal taste. Many homeowners look at the design and style of a window that fits their homes and then decides on which material to use.

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