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Choosing between window types used to be a matter of decorative accents, shape and size. In today's replacement window industry, the glass construction itself is a consideration. From multiple panes to specialized coatings, homeowners have many features to evaluate and choose between before a renovation project. With the help of a Raleigh windows professional, these features can be explained so that homeowners can pick the right installation materials for years of comfort.

One of the first considerations for new windows is pane quantity. Although single panes are still available, many homeowners want more insulation value for their investment dollar. There are double- and triple-pane models available in almost any shape or size. Contractors can work with residents to determine the best pane quantity for the region. In general, a colder region requires more panes and insulation compared to a tropical or warmer area.

When homeowners select at least two panes for their window installation, gas normally fills the gap between the panes. The most widely available insulator gas is argon. This basic gaseous element provides strong insulating features to stop prevailing winds from seeping into the home.

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The space between the panes should be around one-half inch to accommodate the argon gas, allowing it to fill the gap perfectly with the right volume and molecular density.

Contractors may even suggest replacement windows with krypton gas. This gas is more expensive than argon but offers more insulating power against extreme cold or heat. This gas does have its limits, however. It works best in tight spaces, such as one-quarter inch gaps. Most double-pane windows don't use this narrow spacing, but triple-pane models often have tight configurations. Contractors can show residents their choices before deciding between argon and krypton. The right choice for the property pays off over the years.

Another window feature option is low-E coatings. Also referred to as low-emissivity, these windows don't use gas-filled designs. They actually have an embedded metallic layer within the glass. It can also be physically coated onto the pane by the manufacturer. This complex coating reflects sunlight heat while allowing light to permeate the interior for a beautiful aesthetic.

When verbal explanations aren't sufficient for a homeowner's window understanding, ask the contractor about physical samples. Many manufacturers issue cut window samples for contractors to use as visual aids. A window section could be cut diagonally to see all the panes and insulating properties at work. Visualizing the window and its benefits to the home helps residents make a smart renovation decision.

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