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Not all window warranties are the same. Some cover everything from manufacturer error to acts of nature, while others will only cover specific circumstances and issues. The best companies will talk homeowners through what warranties are available to them and what each one covers, which can cut down on any surprises in the future. It's equally important that homeowners consider the differences between warranties that cover only the replacement parts needed and those that cover labor too, as well as the differences between manufacturer warranties and those available from Raleigh windows contractors.

One thing to keep in mind is that a manufacturer can offer a warranty that is separate from the one the contractor offers. A contractor will generally offer a warranty that covers issues relating to the installation of the window. For example, when installing a bow window, the installer might leave behind a small gap in the frame that creates a draft. It is the responsibility of the contractor to come back to the home and either replace the window or cover that gap. A warranty that comes directly from the manufacturer will generally apply to issues regarding the window itself. This might include a recall that applies to the glass or a window that cracks due to pressure caused by the gas between the panes.

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Another thing to consider is what the term lifetime means. Though a lifetime warranty might sound like a great thing, lifetime doesn't always last as long as a homeowner might think. When a manufacturer uses "lifetime" in a warranty, it may only refer to estimated lifespan of the window, which can range anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

Some manufacturers offer a warranty that remains with the house rather than with the owners. If the homeowners sell the house at a later day and the warranty remains in effect, they can transfer it into the names of the new owners. Those looking to save money when buying a new home often find this feature appealing.

Homeowners will want to look at warranties carefully to find out how much money they will pay out of pocket for future repairs. Though some warranties will cover both the labor needed for the job and any replacement parts, others require that homeowners pay the labor costs themselves. A good window warranty can give homeowners peace of mind, but they can only get that peace of mind when they understand the differences between various warranties.

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