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Raleigh Windows: Article About Summer Home Cooling Tips

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In the hot summer months, sometimes it's necessary to turn on the air conditioning and beat the outside elements at their own game, but cooling costs can get expensive. This is especially true if air leaks in and out of the house. A leaky house makes the conditioner work harder and costs the homeowner more money on the electric bill.

New Raleigh windows will help keep cool air inside the home, but for older windows, old caulking and bad seals can cause significant air leakage. Scraping off old caulking and applying a fresh seal helps keep window panes from leaking, and using weather stripping around windows, especially those that may not fit as well as they used to, will protect against excessive leakage. Weather stripping the doorways that lead to the outside can also prevent leaks, and adding a door sweep or door threshold to the base of the door keeps air from escaping underneath the door.

Sunlight coming into the home is a huge cause of excessive heat, and blocking windows facing the sun will block a great deal of that heat.

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This, of course, comes at the cost of not allowing natural lighting into the home, so homeowners should decide if this is a route they want to take.

Cooking with the stove brings the heat up immensely and causes the air conditioner to work overtime to bring the temperature down. Using a grill is an ideal alternative on extremely hot days.

At night, if the air cools sufficiently, turning off the air conditioning, opening windows, and using ceiling or box fans to circulate air keeps the house cool while saving on energy. If away from the home during the day, homeowners should set the air temperature higher than normal, or turn off the conditioner entirely, to ensure that energy isn't wasted. Even when home, setting the thermostat one or two degrees higher than normal will save energy while not greatly affecting the comfort of the air temperature.

When the time comes to change bulbs, homeowners should consider switching to CFL or LED units instead of traditional lightbulbs. These lights are much cooler when running and won't add heat to the room. Homeowners should also remember to turn out the lights in any rooms they aren't in at the time. With a bit of preparation, most owners can significantly decrease their energy bill while not suffering in the heat of the summer sun.

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