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Even with the beautiful climate, the cost of heating and cooling a North Carolina home makes up a big chunk of a household's energy bill. For residents of Raleigh windows are the single biggest opportunity when it comes to improving energy efficiency. In most homes, windows and doors are responsible for approximately one-third of heat transfer. Luckily, there are a range of options available to homeowners to help them cut down on this waste and save money while helping the environment.

Modern window manufacturers utilize a variety of technologies to decrease the heat transfer through windows. Such companies also offer options for both hot and cold climates. To keep the heat out, windows can be ordered with special coatings that reflect much of the heat and UV radiation from sunlight. These coatings come in varying opacity from clear to quite dark. When the cold weather comes knocking, double or triple glazed windows keep it toasty inside. Pockets of inert gas between the panes naturally insulate the house and can cut down on heat loss by 50 percent.

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For people who live in an area like Raleigh, where it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter, these technologies can be combined to create windows that are optimal for any situation.

Ordering custom-built windows can take some time and the costs are not insubstantial. However, there are several ways to improve energy efficiency. During the summer, adding an awning above southern facing windows can dramatically decrease the amount of heat a house absorbs during the day. Another good option is to add blinds, especially those with reflective backing, to windows facing east, west or south. For the truly budget minded, heat reflecting panels can be made from insulation board and used to cover windows during the day.

Before winter rolls around, it is a good first step to check for drafts and add or replace weather stripping where necessary. The best option short of replacing windows is to have storm windows installed over the existing frames. The added pocket of air insulates against heat loss effectively. A cheaper method is to use plastic window seal kits sold at most hardware stores. These won't allow the window to be opened but still get the job done. A final and often overlooked way to hold heat in is drapes. Good drapes cover the area and create a pocket of air between the window and the room. Whatever the budget, there plenty of ways to cut down on heat transfer.

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