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Raleigh Windows: Article About Selecting Replacement Windows For A Home

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When it is time to install replacement windows in a home, the homeowner will want to know about the different types of windows available. The selection process between wood, vinyl or storm protection windows depends on factors including aesthetic goals, budgetary constraints and environmental conditions.

Raleigh windows are an important consideration to homeowners. Some individuals prefer high quality wood windows to add to the warmth and aesthetic impact of their home. Natural wood windows provide added structural stability and provide good insulation properties to help with energy efficiency. Wood windows can be custom made and fitted to the existing openings, and the type of wood can be selected to match or complement wood used in the trim, floors or furniture. The window interior may also be painted or stained to complement the room decor, and the exterior is covered in vinyl or aluminum that requires no maintenance.

Some homeowners choose a vinyl window for lower maintenance needs both inside and out. A premium vinyl window will provide solid structural support and a seal from adverse weather, resulting in increased energy efficiency. Vinyl is available in a variety of colors to coordinate with the home interior.

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As opposed to wood, they will not crack, splinter, warp, rot or split. The finish will stay fresh and never need painting. Vinyl windows are available at affordable prices and come in many shapes and sizes.

When a homeowner wants to protect their windows and home from severe weather conditions, they may opt for storm protection windows. Vinyl storm protection windows remain reliable in severe weather all year long. They are built to withstand hurricane conditions with rigid construction and reinforced frames. The sashes are welded and have multiple contacts with the frames to ensure air and water will not get through.

When installing storm protection windows, a homeowner may elect to include further products for added protection. In areas prone to high winds from tropical storms or hurricanes, the use of heavy aluminum shutters can eliminate the need for hurricane panels. Shutters are a permanent fixture and can be designed to add to the aesthetic value of the home. If shutters are not desirable, the homeowner may want to install temporary hurricane panels on a track system for extra protection. What the homeowner does will depend on their location and vulnerability to severe weather. Depending on the goals of the homeowner, there are several options for replacement windows and coordinating components.

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