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For some people, it's tempting to perform the replacement of old windows with modern full-frame windows themselves, but doing this job incorrectly can result in less efficient heating and cooling rather than an improvement. Full-frame windows are more complicated to install than insert windows, which don't require the removal of the old window frame and trim. Homeowners can typically perform the installation of insert windows over the course of a weekend, but these windows require the existing frame and trim to be in good condition. If the old frame is deteriorated, it will need to be removed and replaced with a new full-frame window. A Raleigh windows expert can analyze the condition of existing frames to determine if insert windows will be practical or if the frames will need to be replaced.

In older homes, the frames can become deteriorated so much that they must be removed and repaired with new trim. If the paint on the old frame was applied prior to 1978, it may contain lead and require licensed professionals to remove it using the proper safety measures.

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Lead dust can cause lead exposure through respiration of the particles and result in serious poisoning and neurological damage, so it's a good idea to replace these old window frames as soon as possible. Continuing to use window frames painted with lead paint can create airborne lead particles from the grinding of the sash with the trim, so homeowners have many reasons to replace old, decaying window frames with new full-frame windows. They not only make heating and cooling more efficient and less costly; they can also bump up the value of a home somewhat by increasing its curb appeal.

Choosing full-frame windows instead of inserts also allows homeowners to change the style of the interior and exterior of the home because any type of frame can be installed where the old one was removed. With inserts, the old frame remains in place, and a new sash assembly is installed in the opening. The sash may open vertically or horizontally, or it may tilt inward, creating more open space for better air circulation and easier cleaning. It's possible to install tilting insert windows, but whether inserts open vertically or horizontally depends on the existing frame and the size of the rough opening. The rough opening is the total amount of space inside the frame without a window installed, and the clear opening is the amount of space inside the frame with a window installed and opened to its full position.

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