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Raleigh Windows: Article About Preparing Windows For Cold Weather

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In the wintertime, windows might not be able to keep the cold out by themselves. There are some things that can help fix cold weather window leaking temporarily like weather stripping, shrink film, and draft snakes. However, some windows might have larger problems that require a more permanent fix when it cannot be replaced like adding storm windows, replacing glazing, or refurbishing old storm windows. By insulating the windows in some way throughout the winter months, the heating bill can go down significantly. A Raleigh windows contractor can help decide what kind of insulation might be best for a particular home.

Rubber weather stripping can be purchased at any hardware store or home improvement store. The strips can just be trimmed to fit the window and placed in the frame to fill in the gaps and keep out the drafts. Windows can be opened and shut even with the stripping in place. When it is removed it can peel away the paint or leave a sticky residue, but this is a cheap and effective way to insulate with only minimal alteration to the overall look.

Window insulation film can also be purchased at home improvement stores or hardware section of a store. Kits generally come with shrink film and double stick tape.

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It is then applied to the indoor window frame and heated with a hair dryer to remove wrinkles and shrink it to the size needed. This is simple, cheap, and effective. However, the windows cannot be opened while it's there, and it gives the window a filmy shrink-wrapped look.

Draft tubes can be purchased at a store or made with fabric and a filling like rice, insulation, or quilting stuffing. They are placed on or in the sill to provide extra insulation. This is extremely cheap and practical insulation and can be used for other parts of the home as well. However, it only insulates the sill of the window and not the frame or the glass.

Sometimes there are more permanent solutions to insulating a window. If the window glazing is chipping, cracking, or missing it can be inexpensively replaced using new glazing putty. Another more permanent solution is to add storm windows or panels. This can be done by purchasing a new storm window or panel from a home improvement store and installing it. It can be amazing how much energy can be saved with just a little bit of insulation.

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