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Raleigh Windows: Article About Measuring and Installing New Windows

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There are many reasons that a homeowner may replace their windows. For example, the windows may be old and leaky, or the homeowner might want to upgrade to higher-quality or more environmentally friendly windows. If that's the case, a Raleigh windows contractor can assist with measuring and installing the new windows.

Before a contractor can install a new window, the dimensions of the existing window frame must be known. The contractor may take a number of different measurements, including the width of the window frame and from jamb to jamb. Additionally, the contractor will measure the height of the window and the diagonals. The last measurement to be taken is the slope of the sill.

When an old window needs to be replaced, the first thing the contractor will do is to remove the window trim, the jamb extension and the surrounding window casing. Next, the window itself can be unscrewed and removed from the wall. If the window has multiple window sashes, the contractor may remove each sash separately.

With the old window removed, the contractor will inspect the window jamb to ensure that there is no damage.

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If the jamb does show signs of damage, it will need to be replaced before a new window can be installed. Additionally, the window stop, which is a piece of wood that keeps the window in place, should be inspected for damage. If there is damage, the window stop will be repaired or replaced before the new window is installed.

Once the contractor has made sure that the window fits the opening snugly, the actual installation can begin. The contractor will apply silicone to the window stop's inside edge. Next, the window will be placed into the opening. Once the contractor has ensured that the window is sitting correctly in the opening using a level and cedar shims, the window is then screwed into the jamb. If there are gaps between the wall stubs and the window frame, the contractor may add insulation to fill up the space.

Finally, if the depth of the window is smaller than the house wall, the jamb extension can be re-installed. At this point, trim may be installed around the window frame if the homeowner desires.

In general, the installation of new windows in not particularly difficult as long as the person doing the installation has the tools and the knowledge to complete the job. A properly trained contractor will ensure that the job is done right.

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