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Going green went from a simple idea to a movement that's sweeping across the country and around the world. Homeowners found that they could bring in new products and make changes to their homes to cut down on heating bills and save money on cooling bills. Though some think that going green means spending a lot of money and replacing features and elements all throughout the house, others find that they can save money in simple and easy ways. Contractors working with Raleigh windows can help homeowners determine whether they need new windows or if there are other options they can use.

Weatherstripping and caulking are two methods that can make older windows more energy efficient. Caulking uses simple tubes of ordinary caulk to fill in gaps that might exist between the windows and frames or to keep individual panes of glass inside the window. Older windows may feature loose panes of glass that slip out of place or let in cool air. A small amount of caulk applied to the window secures that pane inside the window. Weatherstripping can also significantly help older windows.

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Small pieces of rubber, plastic, or another material with adhesive applied to the back blocks drafts and stops heat loss from inside the house.

Some homeowners may also opt for the addition of storm windows. Though sometimes thought of as something only used in areas with a rougher climate, storm windows are suitable for use on homes across the country. Those windows fit on top of existing openings and prevent damage to the windows. As Raleigh gets a high level of rainfall every year and snow is possible, storm windows are a must have. When installed in a home, storm windows may even help increase the U value of the home.

Contractors help homeowners decide whether these options will help them make their windows more energy efficient or if they need replacement windows. The federal government offers a tax incentive for those who install outdated items in their homes with Energy Star rated products that are more energy efficient. Those who itemize their deductions can deduct a large amount of what they spend on those windows when they file their taxes. They can save even more when they install new insulation and make other changes around their homes. In addition to saving on their taxes, many homeowners will find that they drastically reduce the amount they spend heating or cooling their homes throughout the year.

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