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Windows do a lot for a home like letting in light and air, giving views of the outdoors, and adding character to a home. However, when windows are installed incorrectly, water can get into the window gap and cause rot around the windows. It can also allow outside air to get into your home and cause the heating and cooling bill to rise.

The first thing to do is to use a pry bar and remove the jamb extension and trim that is around the old window. The window should then be unscrewed and removed from the jamb. Some windows have multiple sashes and are easier to remove one sash at a time.

Before installing any window, the jamb must be completely free of wood rot. The frame should be inspected by a Raleigh windows contractor, and if any rot is found it must be removed and repaired or replaced in order to make a strong foundation for the new window. This can be done by an experienced carpenter or using an epoxy repair system. During this process, the window stop should be checked to make sure it will continue to be effective.

Before placing an order for a new window, it is very important to have the proper dimensions of the window frame. There is nothing worse than receiving the product only to find that it doesn't fit.

A windows installer from Otto's Exteriors of Raleigh NC would be happy to answer any question you have about replacement windows or siding.

Measurements should be taken of the width from side to side and height from top to sill. Then, find the sill angle to be sure the sill liners will fit tightly. However, it is unnecessary to find sill angle when ordering wood or vinyl inserts.

In order to make sure the window fits snug into the socket, it must be dry fitted before the silicone can be applied to the window stop. This will give opportunity for fitting issues to be dealt with before installment. Installation should not proceed until everything fits satisfactorily into the opening.

The new window can now be installed. After placing the silicone into the jamb, slide the window into place. Level the window and use the pre-drilled holes in the frame to secure it to the jamb. Insulation should be added to any gaps in order to prevent air leakage. Roll insulation or foam insulation can be used for this job. The project should be finished by adding jamb extensions and trim. Paint or stain can be added for a finishing touch.

When a window is installed properly, it should allow light to come into the home without allowing unwanted air and moisture through the window frame and jamb.

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