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Raleigh Windows: Article About How Energy Efficiency Is Measured

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The first thing many homeowners might consider when replacing or upgrading their windows might be appearance, followed by cost. However, not considering energy efficiency could cost homeowners significant amounts of money over time. Cost might actually depend more on a window's durability factor than how much it initially costs during purchase. An average house can lose approximately 30 percent of its heat or cool air through the windows. With modern technology, homeowners can select attractive, energy efficient windows and receive a return on their investment in as little as two years.

There are several things that must be taken into consideration when determining which windows are the most energy efficient. For example, radiation, air leaks, convection and conduction can each contribute to how well the window performs. If the window is not adequately protected from air leaks, almost half of the house's heating and cooling escapes. Adequate weather stripping and closing devices that are made from higher quality materials help to prevent this from happening. Hinged windows can also feature a tighter fit than double hung windows. Homeowners are encouraged to contact a Raleigh windows expert in order to learn about which new products are the best at preventing air leaks.

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In addition to proper weather stripping, air leaks can also be influenced by how well each piece of the entire window unit fits together. Air leak values are measured as cubic feet per square foot and windows that come with lower air leak values are the most efficient. Energy efficient windows also include R Value and U Factor ratings.

Conduction occurs when heat travels through the components of the window, including the glass, spacers and frame. Windows that are made with materials that are less conductive insulate the home more efficiently. Windows that feature multiple glazes also trap the heat inside the panes, which tremendously influence energy efficiency of homes that are located in warmer climates.

In homes that are located in colder climates, convection is a different factor to take into consideration. Warm air from inside the home can move through the windows, causing the air to become cooler. It forces the cooler air towards the floor, and the warm air inside the home takes its place near the glass of the windows. Thermally resistant window frames and multiple glazes can help to prevent this from happening.

When heat moves from a warmer element to a cooler one through waves of energy, radiant transfer occurs. It is important that the window glazing features protective coatings to reduce this effect, such as Low E coatings that provide maximum insulation from radiant transfer.

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