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Raleigh Windows: Article About Four Trends In Interior Window Design

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Homeowners looking to improve the look of their interior windows may consider modern trends to ensure that the style they choose is appealing. While windows may look attractive from the outside, if windows are lacking from the inside, potential buyers may look the other way. In many cases, it is best to consult with a Raleigh windows expert to ensure that the home is up to date.

A combination of trim, pilasters and crown molding helps highlight the interior window, making it a focal point of the room. These additions are relatively inexpensive, and the windows will typically appear more beautiful and bold. The trend involves removing any old trim and installing fluted pilasters along the sides of the window, a sill at the bottom in a matching color and crown molding around the top of the window. This style is especially impressive with picture, bow and bay windows where pilasters surround each pane of glass.

For the purpose of filling a peculiarly shaped opening or making a design statement, homeowners may choose architectural windows in unique sizes and shapes. An increasing number of homeowners are customizing their homes to reflect their style and personalities, and architectural windows can be an ideal upgrade. A few options include octagonal, oval, quarter round, round, Gothic, elliptical and arched windows.

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From the inside, architectural windows lend themselves to natural lighting opportunities and unique designs.

A strip of plastic, aluminum or wood between panes of glass is called a muntin. This particular feature was a mainstay of large windows in the 1800s because it was impossible to produce glass sheets that were large enough for the size of windows that many consumers demanded. Today, homeowners can create the illusion of muntins by sandwiching the strips between two glass panes. The look is trendy, particularly in traditional homes, even though muntins do not serve any practical purpose now that manufacturers have the equipment and technology to produce large panes of glass.

A modern ventilation option is a casement window. These windows open outward on hinges located on one side, and an interior crank controls how far the window opens. A single casement window provides a fantastic exterior view from the inside, and two side by side casement windows can allow for great opportunities to take advantage of cool summer breezes.

Whether the goal is to attract homebuyers or to simply update a home's facade, these four interior window styles are worth considering.

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