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Most windows today feature more than one pane of glass. When one of those panes breaks, homeowners often worry that they'll need to replace the entire window, which can cost hundreds of dollars that they didn't expect to spend. Instead of removing and replacing the entire window, a Raleigh windows contractor can often replace just the broken pane. This can cost less than it would cost to replace the entire window. Though some might think this is a job they can do on their own, a contractor can make the window look like it did when originally installed.

Removing the broken glass is the first step. If a baseball or a heavy object hit the window, the glass will likely have a large hole in the center with shattered glass around that hole. Wearing thick gloves, the contractor will carefully remove the glass and brush out any debris while making sure the glass doesn't hit the ground. The window will also have some thick putty clinging to the edges of the frame. Contractors can use a hammer and a chisel or knife to carefully pry away the putty. Any putty left inside the window will prevent the new glass from fitting in the space.

Using new putty is the next step.

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The contractor must mix the putty the right way to ensure that it isn't too thick or too thin, which can keep the pane from sticking. A small amount applied to the inside of the frame allows the pane to sit while the contractor secures it inside the window. Manufacturers now make replacement glass panes for most windows, including windows the company no longer makes.

The contractor will hold the pane at an angle and slowly slide it into the opening. Applying pressure to the bottom of the glass helps it fit properly in the frame. Once the pane is in place, the contractor can use a thin layer of putty around the edges of the glass. It can take up to 24 hours for the putty to cure. While the putty is still wet, the worker can use a putty knife to remove any excess clinging to the sill and other parts of the opening. The same steps are suitable for replacing broken glass in doors and sidelights too.

Replacing a broken pane of glass can cost significantly less than the cost of replacing the entire window, but homeowners who want the best repair should turn to licensed contractors for help.

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