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When looking for windows, most people today want to save money on the cost of the energy it takes to heat and cool a house. However, a replacement window is not always the best option. In older homes, the original windows add character, but may be unnecessarily costing the homeowner money. Such windows can potentially be upgraded to make them more energy efficient.

A Raleigh windows contractor will know whether a window should be replaced or not. There are a few situations that do warrant windows replacement. Some of these include windows with single-pane glass, windows with temperature-conducive frames or sashes, windows in poor condition, and windows that may be a safety hazard. When a decision to replace a window is made, there are a few things to consider like the type of frame, glass type and installation.

When choosing a frame, there are many different materials to consider. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl can be budget friendly while not skimping on the energy efficiency, but the colors and designs are limited. Wood frames offer the best insulation for a window and can stand the test of time, but they also require more upkeep and have the potential of rotting. There are other types of frames to consider like aluminum, wood-clad, composite and fiberglass.

A windows installer from Otto's Exteriors of Raleigh NC would be happy to answer any question you have about replacement windows or gutters.

Of all of these choices, fiberglass is more expensive than other types, but they are also the most energy efficient. Homeowners can see reduced energy costs by switching out older windows and window frames with any of these newer materials.

The glass is arguably the most important factor to consider when deciding which type of window to install. The type of glass chosen should balance the energy efficiency with the visibility. Energy ratings can be found on most windows with the Energy Star program sticker. The Energy Star rating considers the U-value, measuring heat loss resistance and solar heat gain coefficient measuring the heat that comes into the home. For each aspect, it's better to have a lower number. UV-repellent tinting is also an option that not only keeps a home cooler but preserves the paint and furniture.

The design and installation of a window are also very important. There are many designs such as transoms that can be made to open, double-hung that slide up, casement that crank open, or picture windows that don't open at all. When a window is installed with the correct size and insulation, it can increase the energy efficiency in the home tremendously.

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