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Double pane windows are a good investment for property owners looking to lower their energy costs and increase the safety of a building. These types of windows are much more energy efficient than traditional single pane windows. Double pane windows are made to look like single pane windows, but the difference is that the window sash holds two panes of glass instead of one. These types of windows add to the comfort of home and business owners in a couple of ways.

One of the biggest benefits to property owners considering double pane windows is energy savings. Double the glass means that less air can escape or penetrate a building through the windows. Property owners in North Carolina considering Raleigh Windows have many benefits like lower energy costs to consider. When energy costs are lower, property owners are more comfortable in their surroundings because the heat and air conditioning do not have to work as often keeping temperatures even. Double pane windows that are treated with argon gas offer more insulation than those without argon. Argon naturally reduces the transfer of heat because it resists conduction creating more insulation in the window.

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Another benefit to property owners considering double pane windows is that these types of windows offer better security. It is harder for a thief to break into a home or business when the windows have two panes of glass instead of one. Two panes means that it is louder when the glass breaks making it easier for others to hear a burglary in progress.

Besides argon gas, many of the newer windows are treated with a coating called Low E to reduce the effect of ultraviolet rays and heat transfer. This coating increases energy savings by keeping more of the heat out of a building. Adding Low E to windows with argon gas between the panes is one way to get extremely high energy savings.

Noise reduction is another benefit that property owners can expect from using double pane windows. Increasing the amount of glass reduces the level of noise that can penetrate the windows. The lowering of noise gives property owners added comfort. Double pane windows are perfect for homes located along busy city streets, near train stations and airports or close to other homes. Another advantage of using double pane windows is that when one windowpane gets broken, there is still another pane in place to keep out the elements until the broken glass is replaced.

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