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Raleigh Windows: Article About Double Hung Vs Single Hung Windows

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Though there are dozens of different fixed and opening window designs available, the majority of homes in America still use double hung or single hung windows. Also known as double hung sash and single hung sash windows, the name comes from the sash that allows the window to open and close. Even homes that use bow, bay and picture windows may still use some smaller or larger opening windows to let in some natural sunlight and fresh air. Raleigh windows experts understand that choosing between the two different designs is difficult because both look so similar, but those experts can help homeowners make the right decision.

Both types of windows have two large panes of glass. One pane sits at the top of the window and is closer to the ceiling. The second pane sits on the bottom and is closer to the floor. One or more sashes help the window slide without getting stuck in place.

The primary difference between the two styles is the way in which the windows move. Single hung sash windows have a fixed sash placed between the two panes and individual sashes on either side of the window.

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This lets homeowners lift the handle and raise the window up from the bottom. The fixed sash prevents the top pane from moving.

Double hung sash windows use moveable sashes on all sides and edges of the window. This lets homeowners lift the window from the bottom or drop the window from the top. They can move either of the panes to let in more air and light. Double hung designs often have a tilting feature as well. The top pane tilts out and away from the house or inside the house for easy cleaning.

Though both types are popular, double hung windows are the only ones available with a tinted glaze. As those designs help homeowners save money and cut down on the amount of energy required to heat or cool a house, few manufacturers now create single hung windows. Many consider those designs outdated, but companies do still make replacement parts for homes that use those designs. Those with single hung sash windows may opt for storm windows to increase the protection that those windows offer.

While some think that choosing between single and double hung sash windows is difficult, many opt for double hung after looking at the benefits of those windows and weighing the pros and cons.

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