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One great way to save money on the energy bill is to install skylights into a home or building. This not only saves energy by cutting down the need for electric lighting, but some skylights can act as a passive heating system in the wintertime. Having a skylight also can make a room look larger and increase the value of a house. However, skylights can also bring too much heat into a room in the summer, and cold air can come through them in the winter. The position of the skylight on the roof should be considered as some spots won't get enough sunlight to make a difference. A Raleigh windows contractor will be able to help decide if a skylight will be an advantage for a particular room.

There are three main types of skylights: fixed, ventilating, and tubular. There are many different types under each of these. Fixed skylights do not open. They are the most common type of skylight and are good for hallways, attics, and stairwells where more light is needed and a traditional window won't work. They are put there solely for the purpose of lighting up a room.

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The ventilating skylight is a window that can open in order to allow air to pass into a room or passageway. These are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens where moisture collects or keep the flow of air moving. The window can be opened by hand crank, remote control, motorized crank, or even a sensor that is controlled by temperature.

The tubular skylight is most commonly placed in hallways or small rooms where placing a window would be difficult. It is a very small long skylight that allows light to come through in a tube. When they are installed properly, leakage can be prevented through these lights.

There are also many different styles of skylights. They vary according to the type of roof and room that they are needed. The flat skylight is the most popular. It is just a square or rectangular piece of glass or acrylic. It can either be fixed or ventilating. A round skylight comes up from the roof and looks like a small sphere shape. A dome comes slightly up from the roof and creates a small dome look. The other types of skylights include the polygon, pyramid, round, lean-to, and hip-ridge skylight. No matter what kind of skylight is chosen, it is sure to make a home look and feel inviting and warm.

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