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Windows have a limited lifespan that can last anywhere from 10 years to several decades. Homeowners living in older dwellings may find that the windows are not as efficient in keeping out cold drafts, and they cannot maintain a constant, comfortable temperature throughout the year. Though some companies will work hard to convince those homeowners that they must replace every window in their home, a good Raleigh windows expert will show them how caulking may be the best alternative.

Caulk is one of the more popular types of construction materials because it expands in size once used. Caulk comes in tubes with a pointed end that allows the contractor to place a bead of caulk in the exact space needed. Using a steady hand, the contractor can slowly draw a line on the surface. The caulk then expands to fill the space as it sets. It's one of the few construction materials that can reduce the drafts usually associated with windows in a quick and inexpensive manner.

Finding the right place to apply caulk is the key to working with the material and reducing energy costs. Awning windows and most other types, the draft will usually originate from the bottom of the opening. This can occur because the glass expands and contracts over time.

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A contractor can apply a small amount of caulk to the base of the awning window to fill the gap that created the draft, helping to reduce the amount of energy the A/C unit needs to properly heat and cool a home.

Caulk may also work well as an alternative to replacing a broken piece of glass. Buying a new windowpane can cost a significant amount of money, but caulking a crack or chip hides the damage and reduces its impact on the temperature in the house. Though the repair may not look pretty, it can fix the problem until the homeowners buy a new pane or replace the window later. Despite being somewhat effective, this method is not recommended.

Contractors also use caulk when installing new windows in openings that were already there. That opening may be just a hair too large for the window but not have enough space for a shim. Using caulk allows the contractor to reduce the space surrounding the window and help it fit better in the frame. Contractors can use caulk in a number of different ways when both repairing and replacing windows.

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