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When Raleigh windows shine, they make a home a brighter and more cheerful place to be. When the sun is shining, it can make a cold day feel warmer or an early morning easier to wake up to. However, windows are not going to let in as much sunlight or do as good of a job regulating the temperature in a home if they are not properly cleaned. The good news is that they can be cleaned at any time of the year for maximum energy-efficiency as well as to keep them looking good.

Cleaning a double-hung window is generally easier than cleaning a window that only has a single pane. This is because most double-hung windows can be tipped to be cleaned from both the inside and the outside. During the cold winter months, a homeowner can stay indoors while still getting the inside and the outside of the entire window surface cleaned. During the warmer months, the windows can be cleaned from the outside without having to strain or twist to get at tight corners that may be collecting dust and grime.

To properly clean a window, a homeowner will need soap and water, a bucket and a microfiber cloth if available. Microfiber is useful because it will not shed, but those who don't have a microfiber cloth can still clean effectively with a regular clean cloth or towel.

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When wiping the window cleaning solution off the window, it is a good idea to go in the same direction at all times while wiping. You may also wish to use a squeegee or power washer to get the job done.

While there is never a bad time of day to clean a window, someone who is going to clean a window should aim to do so on a cloudy day. This allows the cleaning solution used on the windows to dry over a longer period. Having more time to dry will make it less likely that there is any stuck-on residue or streaks left behind, which could be hard to remove unless the window is completely washed a second time.

It is recommended that homeowners clean their windows at least twice a year for best results. This reduces the chance that dust and dirt will build up or insect infestation may take place. Over the long run, it will make it easier to keep windows looking their best, which may make the house more valuable and attractive if it ever goes on the market.

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