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Many homeowners have the replacement of their homes' windows on their improvement wish list. While in the research phase, some may wonder if one season is better than the others to install new windows. Do windows cost more at a certain time of the year? Are specific products available at some times and not others? While the assumption is most often that window replacements are typically done in the spring or summer months, the truth is that window installation can be performed by a Raleigh windows expert at any time throughout the course of the year.

Cold weather can present several challenges for installing windows, such as moisture from ice, rain and snow preventing the tightest seal or caulk not setting as well, which make spring and summer the optimal time to replace windows. However, this is typically considered to be the "busy season" for window installers, so homeowners may need to wait longer for their projects to be completed. In this case, the best solution is to find an experienced or licensed window company early in spring so that homeowners have plenty of time to select and order their windows and schedule the installation.

Professional window installers will take all necessary measures and precautions to minimize heat loss in the home, but one of the biggest benefits of replacing windows in the off season is reduced wait times to have the project completed.

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Since most homeowners tend to schedule their window replacements in the warmer months, installers are often more available in the fall and winter. If the old windows are particularly drafty as evident from unusually high energy bills or blatantly feeling cold air coming inside the home, replacing the windows sooner can save comfort, time and energy.

If a homeowner notices that the windows are leaking air, it is best to schedule a window replacement sooner rather than later to avoid wasting money on unnecessary utility expenses by waiting for the "right" time to install a new product. Above all, it is important to choose a season that is best for the home, family and home improvement budget. The good news is that while some window installation companies may run various specials throughout the year, the price of replacing old windows generally remains constant. With top manufacturers striving to improve the quality, durability and energy efficiency of their products, each season brings new developments and innovations to the window industry.

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