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Aluminum windows have long been debated as a reliable product for homes and businesses because of the way they look on buildings. There are a lot of good benefits to using aluminum windows. Experts suggest that property owners get all the facts before making a decision about what type of material to use in their windows. Raleigh windows professionals can answer any questions property owners have after they research window options.

One of the best things about using aluminum in windows is that they are very lightweight. Because they do not weigh as much as other windows, aluminum windows are easier to install than wood windows. Less weight also means less load on window openings. Adding wood cladding to the sash, frame and jamb of a window is a great way to customize the look of aluminum windows without adding the weight of solid wood.

Another significant benefit of using aluminum windows in a building is that these windows come in a large variety of sizes. Property owners with odd window sizes or tiny windows can often find something that fits their home or business without breaking the bank.

A windows installer from Otto's Exteriors of Raleigh would be happy to answer any question you have about siding or replacement windows.

An additional advantage to using aluminum is that the metal can be painted any number of colors to match the trim of a building.

Aluminum is a durable product that stands up to storms, hail, snow and ice. Using aluminum windows for a business or home can increase the value of the building allowing owners the chance to get a higher resale price. A great thing about aluminum windows is that they are comparably priced to vinyl windows; they can even be cheaper than some window options. Aluminum windows are acceptable for use in historic districts and homes or businesses that have historical regulations to follow.

One of the biggest disadvantages to using aluminum windows is that they can rust over time from rain and the condensation that forms from the dew in the morning. Although aluminum is considered to be a better insulator than vinyl, some people are concerned about the noise that metal tends to let in through the window opening. Using wood clad aluminum windows is one way to lessen the noise that gets through the windows. Opting for double or triple pane glass is another way to block out more noise. Experts suggest that property owners compile a comprehensive list of questions about particular concerns to get the answers they need to make the right decision for their property.

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