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When many people think of windows, they think of double hung and single hung windows. Those looking for something that works as well as it looks might prefer casement windows. Often found on homes dating back to the 1940s and earlier, the original designs often featured metal casements used around each pane of glass. The more modern designs now use vinyl and other materials. Whether installing new windows or replacing existing windows, homeowners can turn to Raleigh windows experts for information about pricing and the installation process.

Unlike other windows that swing open and closed or slide up and down, casement windows use a hand crank that allows the windows to open. Many designs feature multiple panes of glass and two segments in each bay. The top segment consists of one to three rows of glass panes. The bottom segment consists of five or more rows of glass panes. An opening may use three to five bays or more. A bay refers to each section of the window.

Once installed, homeowners will see a small crank located near the base of the opening. Turning the crank to one side allows the windows to essentially slide open and away from the house. Some newer designs use a folding method that opens each bay together but puts each bay on top of each other to take up less space.

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Some manufacturers now make casements that look just like double hung windows. The only difference is that a casement design swings open rather than sliding up and down.

When installing new casement windows in a frame that once used another type of window, the contractor must expand the size of the opening and install a new casing. This may add some time to the job, as the contractor will need to cut into the wall and frame the opening to fit the new type of window. Using a casing made from vinyl or metal allows the casing to match the finished design.

Some manufacturers also give homeowners the option of selecting casement windows made from wood. Though wood isn't as popular as metal or vinyl, it does work well in homes with a more traditional look and feel. Homeowners can hire a contractor to paint or stain the wood before installing the windows and touch up the wood later. Whether homeowners choose wood, vinyl or metal casement windows, they can give their homes a more traditional look.

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