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Raleigh Windows: Article About Advantages Of Energy-efficient Windows

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When a homeowner feels that it is time to install new windows, they may be interested in installing windows that are more energy efficient. A Raleigh windows contractor can assist the homeowner with understanding the main benefits of installing ENERGY STAR-rated or energy-efficient windows.

The biggest advantage for most homeowners is the savings that energy-efficient windows provide in both the heating and cooling seasons. During the heating season, traditional windows allow heated air to escape the home, causing the homeowner to have to spend more to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. New technological innovations keep the heated air indoors. Likewise, during the cooling season, the improved windows trap much of the cooled air, causing the homeowner to spend less in cooling costs.

ENERGY STAR and energy-efficient windows allow homeowners to save in other ways as well. By keeping more of the cooled or warmed air indoors, the amount of work that the home's HVAC systems must work decreases. This means that smaller HVAC systems can be installed, which reduces costs. Additionally, because the systems are working less, their working lifespan may be increased.

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Due to the special coating added to these windows, they are much less likely to form frost or condensation. Frost and condensation can cause damage to the window's frame or surrounding trim and provide an environment that is perfect for the growth of wood rot and mold. The less condensation that forms, the less maintenance the window needs, leading to cost and time savings.

In addition to providing savings on energy use, energy-efficient windows also provide certain comforts that traditional windows do not provide. For example, because energy-efficient windows keep more of the outside environment out and the inside environment in, homeowners can keep the drapes or curtains open to allow more light in without affecting the indoor temperature. Further, the coating that is responsible for keeping the outdoor environment out and the indoor environment in also reduces the amount of UV light that enters the home. UV light can cause wood, drapes and even certain valuables, such as photographs, to fade over time.

While there are many advantages to installing these windows, there are some major disadvantages. The biggest of these is the cost. Depending on the home, replacing old windows with energy-efficient windows may cost anywhere between $8,000 to $15,000 or more. However, the return on the investment more than makes up for the initial cost.

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