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Vinyl siding is a great alternative to any other type of Raleigh siding. It is cost effective and requires little maintenance. It is the most common type of siding available for homes today ever since its rise to popularity in the 1960s. Homeowners should learn how to maintain vinyl siding and replace it if it becomes damaged.

While vinyl is durable and does not succumb to damage from the elements such as rain and wind, it can still be damaged. The most common way vinyl is damaged is by way of trees or bushes. Branches can scratch up the vinyl on windy days. A simple solution is to simply trim back branches of plants when necessary. Unless the branches large enough to break the siding, this damage is only cosmetic and does not require replacing the siding. Vinyl can also be severely damaged during severe weather, such as hurricanes and tornadoes. These weather events can tear the siding off the home.

Maintaining vinyl siding is simple. It should be washed about once a month. Pollution and dust will gather on the surface of the vinyl over time and create a black layer of grime. While a pressure washer may be used, it is not necessary.

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A hose and some detergent will suffice. Simply use a sponge to wet the siding with soapy water and then wash it off with the hose afterwards.

Vinyl does not have to be repainted as the process of manufacturing vinyl already includes a color in the material. However, vinyl can be repainted. Because vinyl is not porous, the paint will not be absorbed by the siding and will need multiple coats to look good. It is suggested that homeowners use acrylic latex paint instead of oil based paint so that it can be removed more easily if needed. Primer is not necessary, but if used, it should be the same base as the paint. Although painting vinyl is optional, it does come with its own benefits. Paint can be used to cover up marks and scratches in the vinyl, or it can be to simply change the color of the home. The coat will wear off over time and will need be repainted at least once a year.

Vinyl siding carries a wide range of benefits that prove it to be a great addition to a home. If style is a concern, a whole house does not need vinyl siding. Many homeowners only install siding on a certain level of a home or just one side.

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