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Several decades ago, it was common to simply add painted wood lumber and stucco to a home as limited siding choices. Today's home improvement market makes siding an adventure with many materials, colors and styles to choose from based on property decor. When homeowners find a proper Raleigh siding installer, there are a few key elements to look out for to make the project worthwhile.

Every contractor starts out with a siding removal process. The workers will remove the material and survey the wall beneath it. The contractor should note any damage and quote repairs as necessary. Homeowners should ask their opinion about any insulation issues too. This is the time where homeowners want to fix the exterior wall and add insulation. Siding is only replaced every few decades, so any underlying improvements must be made now.

As the siding goes up on the walls, homeowners will want to observe the installation strategy. Siding isn't meant to be installed parallel to each section. It must be layered for both horizontal and vertical orientation projects. Homeowners can speak to the contractor if layering isn't being performed.

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Layering allows the siding to expand and contract with the seasons without creating cracks or gaps between the materials.

Any siding material, including vinyl, is heavy when attached to the home's exterior. The fasteners should be brand new with around a 16-inch spacing between each one. Too many fasteners may damage the siding whereas having too few only makes the material vulnerable to detachment. Contractors may manually install them or use power tools. Both strategies are viable, but manual attachment can take longer to install.

Windows and doors pose challenges to siding installers. The siding must be cut accordingly so that it appears seamless as it butts up against doors and windows. Homeowners can ask the contractor about joints around these areas; they do not want butt joints where materials simply meet at a 90-degree angle. Joints look better with a mitered corner for these areas. Homeowners should take a look at all windows and doors as contractors complete the project to ensure the right design strategy was applied.

Those having replacement done on their homes should never be afraid to ask the contractor any questions. Although homeowners don't want to interrupt the professionals constantly, they can point out any issues before rework is a possibility. Once the siding is up, residents will not want to remove it for any reason.

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