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Raleigh Siding: Article About Signs That Your Siding Needs Repairs

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While a home's siding provides curb appeal, it is also the major component that protects the home's drywall and insulation against the outdoor elements. Just like all other components, a home's siding needs routine maintenance to maintain its integrity. However, even with quality routine maintenance, the siding will age and lose its ability to protect the home as it nears the end of its lifespan. When a homeowner sees the signs that their siding is failing, it is recommended that they contact an experienced Raleigh siding expert to make the needed repairs.

Over a period of time, the home's siding will begin to show signs of weathering. These signs can vary, depending on the type of material the siding is made out of. For example, vinyl siding may begin to show its age by changing color due to solar weathering while wood siding may begin to show signs of root. Other types of siding may crack or rust, which eventually leads to total deterioration. Further, the nails anchoring the siding to the home's structure may become exposed or begin to disintegrate due to rust. If this happens, the siding may fall off altogether. If the wear continues, the siding may eventually stop protecting against water damage.

If a homeowner finds stains that start and stop on the siding, there is potential that these stains were caused by water.

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This may be an indication that there are weak spots in the siding where water is entering the home's interior. This can be particularly worrisome as water damage can lead to the growth of mold or mildew and cause the wooden structure to begin to rot. Likewise, peeling paint may be an indication that the siding itself is not being protected against the weather; excessive moisture coming from behind the siding may be the problem.

Finally, if a homeowner notices that their drywall has begun to rot or that pests have made their way into the space between the drywall and the siding, the siding has failed against the elements. While the affected areas may be repaired if the damage is not too extensive, it is likely that the siding and problem areas may need to be replaced.

All homeowners should be aware of the different signs that may indicate their home is no longer properly protected from the elements. If the signs are spotted early, it is likely that a capable contractor can repair the damage, saving the homeowner money. If the signs are missed, the homeowner may be facing a complete exterior renovation.

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