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The materials used on a home can drastically change the way the exterior looks and feels, providing the opportunity to add curb appeal with a relatively small investment. However, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to the issue of protecting the home from the elements. Harsh winds, rain and winter weather can threaten a home that is not properly protected and maintained. Certain materials resist fire better than others do. It is possible for homeowners to have the best of both worlds and successfully safeguard their home from harsh weather and achieve the specific look they desire. Homeowners should consider several factors before selecting siding material.

Local authorities have different rules when it comes to installing siding whether it is an installation on a new home or an upgrade of old siding. A Raleigh siding contractor will understand this process and ensure that all local regulations are adhered to before installing siding. Homeowners might be required to obtain a building permit in order to make changes to the exterior of their home, and they might have to check with their homeowner's association beforehand as well.

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Depending on the area, some homeowner's associations require approval of color choice before siding is painted.

Choosing the most effective siding material will depend on the local climate, personal design preference and budget allowance. Siding contractors must adhere to specific codes and ensure that the siding will perform well over time. This process relates to all materials used during installation. For example, if the contractor uses nails that are not rust resistant, the siding will most likely deteriorate faster and be prone to rotting or leaking underneath the panels.

Siding is often installed from the bottom to the top although each specific material requires a different method of installation. Horizontal siding is installed on vertical furring strips, and different siding materials might require different fasteners and nails in order to be properly installed. The primary goal of siding is to weatherproof the home from the elements so that interior structures maintain structurally sound. If the siding is not installed properly, it will be ineffective at protecting the home.

There are also green siding solutions available. Homeowners can use reclaimed wood or ensure that any lumber that is used is derived from a sustainable source. Some siding is made from recycled materials, such as aluminum. Another great option is to purchase siding materials from a reclaimed store.

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