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Homeowners interested in working with Raleigh siding professionals should consider what type of installation will work best for their homes. Those who would like to showcase a quainter and traditionally earthy appearance outside their home will benefit from shiplap siding. This is a particularly recommended choice because it can provide individuals with many unique advantages that they would not find with other siding options.

To begin, shiplap siding is very easy to install. It is made with a tongue and groove joint, which makes the installation very simple, especially when compared to other siding systems. This type of siding is an especially good place for DIY beginners to start, as the installation itself is very easy and straightforward. Because this installation is so easy to complete, it is also one of the fastest siding procedures that professionals can offer. All of the work follows a logical pattern, resulting in clean and visually pleasing siding.

As easy as the siding is to install, it is just as easy to replace and repair. Professionals will always charge less for such services because of how easy it can be to slip the individual sheets out for inspection and repair.

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Another advantage that customers will enjoy, especially those who want variety in their siding, is how versatile the installation options are. Unlike other types of siding, shiplap can be installed in either a vertical or a horizontal pattern, depending on the individual's preferences. This can result in a variety of attractive visual effects. Most siding options can only be installed horizontally, resulting in less engaging veneers.

Homeowners will also enjoy a much sturdier siding project after it is complete. There are many protective advantages that come with this option, including the ability to create a very tight moisture and air seal, just by its own merit. Installations will still need felt paper beneath the siding, but the exterior insulation can act as a vapor barrier when necessary as well. Other types of siding may limit the homeowner's barrier options, but shiplap can help guarantee that an extra barrier is always available to protect the home's surface from water damage.

Shiplap siding is always made with real wood, which can provide homeowners with a much more rustic and natural overall appearance. One of the best reasons to invest in a shiplap installation is because of the wide selection of wood options. Most professionals can provide various attractive wood surfaces, including cedar and oak to create the desired exterior appearance.

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