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As good as wood siding looks when first installed, even minor damage can quickly mar the home's appearance and lower its resale value. Damage can range from cracks caused by expansion and contraction or broken pieces caused by human error. Though homeowners often think that siding companies can only help them install siding, a good Raleigh siding company can offer help later when those homeowners notice different types of damage.

Some types of damage are easy fixes that only require some wood putty. Specifically designed for use on wood, putty dries to a hard finish and texture that is similar to the original wood. It works particularly well on scratches and gouges. After sanding the siding, the contractor uses a putty knife to apply a thick layer of the putty to completely fill the gouge, scratch or crack. The putty dries for several hours or overnight, and the contractor then sands down the putty until it's even with the siding.

Putty is also a good solution for chipped edges. As it dries to such a hard consistency, the contractors can mold and shape the putty to match the original look of the siding.

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Once it cures, the contractor can use stain or paint to completely hide the repair.

Damage to the siding can impact the way its profile looks and may require a more serious repair. The contractor may determine that large chunks missing from the siding impacts both the look and structure of the wall. Instead of covering up the damage, the contractor will need to replace a section of the siding.

Using a specialized tool that slides behind the siding and a saw, the worker can cut out the damaged section of the wall. The worker will then cut a new piece of siding to the same shape and length and slip it into place. Galvanized steel nails will hold the new siding in place. Paint or stain applied to the siding before or after installation hides all signs of the repair and improves the profile of the wall.

Depending on the amount of damage to the siding, the contractor may determine that a large section should come down. This gives homeowners the opportunity to add shingle siding or another type of decorative siding. Some may even opt to replace the old siding with a new design. As homeowners may have a difficult time determining the extent of the damage, it's important that they turn to a dependable siding company for help.

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