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With proper care and maintenance, siding can last for years; however, homeowners have no control over the damage that storms can do to their homes. Cracked or damaged siding may require an expensive repair. Although that part of the siding will need to come off, the job may not require the complete removal of all the siding. A Raleigh siding company can determine how much of the siding should come down and how to best repair the home.

A siding removal tool, sometimes called a zip tool, is the best tool for the job. Featuring a curved edge and a durable handle, it fits right in the contractor's hand. After examining the wall and finding the damaged piece, the contractor places the tool under the bottom of the siding until it hooks onto the back of the piece. Using a little force, the contractor can essentially pop the broken piece of siding out. The contractor can then use the tool to move the nearby pieces of siding to remove the nails holding the damaged section to the home.

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If the damaged or broken piece is on the edge, top or bottom of the wall, the contractor will need to use the tool to remove the finishing trim. The trim blocks and hides the nails from view. Once finishing the repair, new nails will secure the trim back to the wall.

Using the original piece as a guide, the contractor can cut a new piece to the exact size needed for that space. The worker then places the new piece against the wall and slides it up or down to fit the original space. He or she uses galvanized nails equally spaced along the wall to secure the siding. The zip tool acts as a guide to let the contractor slide the new piece into the space left by the original piece for a better fit. Securing the trim and any other pieces removed is the last step.

A number of homes located throughout North Carolina built during the post-World War II housing boom still feature their original aluminum siding. However, many newer homes have wood or vinyl siding. Contractors use this same set of steps when repairing all types of siding, including Hardie and wood siding. Depending on the severity of the damage, the contractor may also use a handsaw to quickly remove the broken piece before installing a new piece of siding.

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