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In areas that receive a lot of moisture, mold is hard to avoid. It can occur in any part of the house that is warm or humid, and homeowners may find themselves spending long hours cleaning and still seeing signs of mold and mildew. While they can use dehumidifiers and similar devices inside the house to reduce moisture in the air, they can't use those same devices outside. Long bouts of high humidity and days of pouring rain can all lead to mold forming on the siding. A professional Raleigh siding company can help those homeowners get rid of the mold and ensure the siding is still in good condition.

Bleach is the best product to remove mold and mildew, but cleaning siding with bleach can damage the color of vinyl or eat through the paint or stain on other types of siding. Experts recommend diluting the bleach in cool water before using the solution on any surface. Finding the right combination is sometimes difficult, which is just one reason why this is a job best left to the professionals. There are a few other reasons why homeowners may want to turn to a siding company for help removing mold and mildew.

Few people realize the dangers of using bleach around plants and vegetation.

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Even a small amount of bleach that reaches the ground can kill the grass and any plants nearby. There is also a risk that the bleach may fall behind the siding and reach the backerboard behind the siding. The backerboard protects the house and keeps the siding secured to the home. Even when diluted with water, the bleach can still damage the structure of the siding and backerboard.

After mixing the solution, the siding contractor will put on gloves, goggles and a mask to keep himself or herself safe from the bleach and the fumes it produces. The contractor will apply a small dab of the solution onto the siding and use a scrub brush to vigorously rub the solution onto the mold and mildew. Fresh water applied to the surface removes the bleach and the mold. It may take several applications before the contractor eliminates all of the mold.

Once the siding is clean, the contractor can look over the wall to search for any damage left behind by either the mold or the bleach. Professionals can ensure that the mold is gone and that it won't return and that the siding is still in good shape.

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