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Asbestos is one of the most potentially dangerous materials in the world. Inhaling the tiny pieces can leave people feeling sick, cause severe breathing conditions and may even lead to cancer. As the dangers of the materials were unknown for decades, construction companies previously used asbestos in different building materials. Homes that have asbestos siding may need to replace that siding with one made from a new material. Raleigh siding companies have experience removing old siding and keeping homeowners, their families and everyone working on the project safe.

As asbestos and asphalt siding look similar, many don't realize that they have asbestos on their homes. The siding usually looks larger than wood siding and may have an overlapping design. Prior to removing the siding, homeowners must hire a contractor to inspect the home and ensure the material is asbestos. Because the material is hazardous, homeowners may assume that it must be replaced right away, but that isn't necessarily true. If the material is in good condition without any errors or problems, it can often remain on the house. Inhaling asbestos is extremely dangerous, but this usually only happens once it becomes frayed or damaged.

If the contractor determines that the siding is asbestos and does require removal, workers will use the right tools to take off the siding.

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They wear respirator masks to reduce their risk of breathing in the material and suit up in gloves and long clothing to protect their hands and bodies. They will also use hoses to apply a thick coating of water to the siding. This moistens the asbestos and makes cutting and removing it easier. Most contractors will use large saws to break the siding into smaller pieces. They will strip the pieces from the house and place into large bags before removing it from the property.

As asbestos is so potentially dangerous, removal companies cannot recycle the material or throw it away as they would other construction materials. They must obtain a permit from the city and work with licensed and approved disposal centers. Those centers will get rid of the asbestos while following special steps to ensure it doesn't find its way back into the environment. All materials used during the removal must be properly cleaned or sent to a disposal center for cleaning to remove all traces of the asbestos. Though not all companies offer this service, good siding companies can remove old asbestos siding and replace it with a safer material.

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