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Raleigh Siding: Article About Real Siding Vs. Composite

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Making the decision about whether to install wood or composite siding can involve several factors. Traditional materials like masonry and stucco may have unique benefits, but newer materials may offer several others. Composite siding blends elements like wood or pulp with polymers that many manufactures claim are cost-effective and lighter weight than traditional wood shingle siding. These products may offer the benefits of both wood and plastic to create an aesthetically pleasing, durable result. A Raleigh Siding expert is familiar with both the positive and negative aspects of each siding material.

Since composite materials are relatively new, contractors are speculating on how durable they truly are. Lab tests have shown that composite products typically outperform traditional wood siding products in terms of withstanding rotting and cracking. The area that is still up for debate is whether composite materials will be able to withstand long-term exposure to the sun as well as other intense weather situations. UV rays are notoriously hard on wood, especially if it is unpainted, but can be even harder on plastic.

There are many claims about "green" product options these days, but in order to assess if a product is truly green, general factors have to be weighed. When it comes to siding on a house, durability might be the first consideration when it comes to whether a product is green or not.

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In other words, if composite siding lasts 25 years longer than wood siding, it is greener, regardless of what material it is made from. If cedar shingle siding comes with a 50-year warranty, it is greener than composite siding material that only comes with a 30-year warranty. The truth is that while wooden shingles are raw materials, they might only be considered green if they are derived from well-managed forests. Solid wood siding that is high quality in nature comes from mature trees that are closely maintained while many composite materials use recycled wood from smaller trees that grow faster. They might also contain recycled plastics.

Apart from how siding is installed, maintenance tends to revolve around how often painting is required. Composites are often primed prior to installation, which requires less painting maintenance. Some composites do not even require an application of paint. Wood siding does not necessarily have to be stained or painted, but it tends to last longer if it is. However, wood siding has become more available with a factory-applied coat of paint, and some wood shingles come with great warranties.

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