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Raleigh Siding: Article About Installing Insulation Under Siding

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Insulation is one of several materials and products used in a home that helps regulate the temperature inside. Once properly installed inside the walls, insulation helps prevent drafts and air from escaping. Though homeowners may not realize it, they need insulation between the walls and siding as well. A Raleigh siding company adds this extra layer of protection when installing new siding, but the company may also have experience adding insulation after the siding is already in place. This is a good option for homeowners dealing with high heating and cooling bills.

Though insulation comes in several different varieties, most professionals recommend the use of rigid foam insulation for use with siding. Unlike other types that are flexible and may move or shift, rigid foam remains upright and in place once installed. Contractors can easily cut the material into the shape or size needed to fit behind the siding.

Installing the insulation prior to the siding is usually easier than installing the insulation after the siding goes on. The contractor begins by measuring the size of the wall and cutting the rigid foam boards into the appropriate sizes. A utility knife can quickly and easily slice through the board without leaving behind any rough edges.

Contractors typically use a staple gun when installing the insulation.

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They place the cut boards onto the wall and between the studs and use staples to securely adhere the boards to the walls. Once the insulation covers the entire wall, the contractor can install plywood boards on top and use drywall before adding the siding.

Even if the home already has siding, contractors can use a siding removal tool to install new insulation or to replace the existing insulation. As this job requires more work and time, it will likely cost more. The contractor uses the tool to remove the top layers of siding from the wall to expose the space behind. They will usually remove the bottom row or course of the siding as well.

This gives the contractor room to slide the insulation behind the wall. Some contractors may opt for more flexible siding that they can push through the openings and move or shift into the proper place. They can then use a staple gun to secure the insulation to both the top and bottom of the wall. Contractors can pop the old siding back in place and secure it with new nails. New insulation does a good job of protecting the home from both warm and cold temperatures.

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