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Wood siding ranked as one of the top building materials for a number of decades until the invention and introduction of vinyl siding. Though vinyl is now more popular in some areas, there are hundreds of homes in the Raleigh area that still have wood. Before replacing that old wood with vinyl, a Raleigh siding contractor might suggest that homeowners look into staining the wood. Several manufacturers now make stains designed for exterior use that can withstand a range of weather conditions and environmental hazards. When used with a clear coat or stain, the wood will look amazing for years.

Staining wood siding involves multiple steps. Professionals must start with the cleaning of the wood and the removal of the old stain. Turpentine and paint strippers can remove all traces of the old color without damaging the wood. As those chemicals can harm the lawn and any nearby plants, the contractors may use gels instead of liquid products. The gels cling to the wood and won't drip down or fall onto the lawn. Gels are also a good choice for homes with lap siding. As the siding pieces overlap each other, the contractor can use the gel to reach all areas of the siding.

Repairing any flaws or damage to the wood is the next step.

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Gouges, scratches, cracks and chips are easily fixable with wood putty. It dries to a finish and texture that mimics the naturally hard finish of the wood itself. The putty will also accept the stain applied later, which gives the siding an even appearance.

Stain comes in a number of natural colors. Homeowners can work with their contractors to find a color that will match back to certain features of the home or complement specific architectural features. As with the paint stripper, professionals will often opt for a gel stain that sticks to the wood better than a liquid stain would.

Using a paint brush, the contractor applies the stain to a small portion of the wood. After letting it sit for a small period of time, the contractor uses a rage to wipe off any excess stain that the wood didn't absorb. Professionals can apply multiple coats to make the finished color look darker and deeper. After going over all the siding, the contractor can look for any areas that may need additional stain. Once they apply a coat of clear sealant, the siding will remain protected from rain and other hazards.

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