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Homeowners may wonder how their neighbors keep their siding looking like new. The secret to that great looking siding is paint. Although many believe only wood siding can be painted, there are paints suitable to cover all types of siding. Painting siding of any material can make the home look better and add to the value of the house. The extra protection the paint lends to the siding can also reduce the risk of costly repairs in the future. A Raleigh siding company can go over the home with a critical eye to look for any issues that need fixing before applying the primer.

Inspecting the siding is crucial for those who want to save money. A yearly inspection lets homeowners know whether there are any damaged sections that require fixing and whether there is any mold or mildew on the siding. If the home is in good condition, contractors can use brushes and pressure washers to remove any grit or debris and to prepare the siding for painting.

While professionals generally recommend priming before painting, primer isn't always necessary when it comes to siding. Companies will use primer on wood siding that has one or more layers of old paint or stain. They will also use primer on some types of vinyl siding.

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Some vinyl is porous, which lets it absorb paint quickly. Self-leveling primer is a good choice for damaged aluminum and other types of metal siding. Once applied to the metal, the primer levels itself out to create a smooth surface.

Before painting the siding, the painter will work with homeowners to select a color they like and a product designed for the type of siding they have on their home. Those specialized paints adhere to the surface and won't flake off or peel even when exposed to sun and rain.

Protecting the house is just as important as painting the home. Professionals use tarps and paper to cover the windows, doors, trims and other areas. They use a combination of rollers, brushes and sprayers to apply a thin and even application of paint and go back over the home as needed.

Contractors will then remove the tarps and paper to paint the trim, center butt and other unique features. This lets them use two or more colors of paint and avoid one color transferring onto other areas of the home. Depending on the type of siding, contractors may also apply a clear sealant to protect the paint.

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