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As good as new siding can look, few homeowners give much thought to maintaining that siding. They may base their choice on which type of siding requires the least amount of maintenance without realizing they still need to clean the outside of their homes. Raleigh siding companies have extensive experience installing, painting and cleaning different types of siding. Those companies can help homeowners schedule an appointment for yearly maintenance and keep their siding looking its best.

Prior to deciding on a maintenance routine, contractors must look at the type of siding used on the house. While vinyl is the most popular choice today, there are still many homes in North Carolina that feature metal or wood siding. Each type requires different cleaning steps.

Wood siding, for example, can develop rust stains. If the home lacks head flashing or the flashing is in poor condition, rain can fall behind the siding and corrode the nails used during the installation process, which can cause rust to come through the wood. Wood is also susceptible to mold and mildew. Using the wrong cleaning products can strip the paint or stain from the wood, and using a pressure washer can cause other types of damage.

Wood siding can also develop cracks.

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Putty is a great product designed for filling in those cracks and covering any scratches. A contractor will gently sand down the wood, apply the putty and sand it again after the putty dries. The contractor may also paint or stain the surface to make it blend with the rest of the wood.

Vinyl and wood siding also require routine maintenance. There are paints designed specifically for use on both types of siding. The paints adhere to the surface without peeling off later. Vinyl siding is particularly susceptible to fading. Sunlight can dull the original color of the siding within a few short years especially in areas that have a high percentage of sunny days. When cleaning won't restore the siding, painting can.

Unlike wood, contractors can use pressure washers on both vinyl and wood siding. These washers can remove stains caused by rusting, pollutants in the environment and stains caused by other hazards. Pressure washing can help bring back the natural color of the siding and is the first step that most contractors take before reaching for a can of paint. Cleaning the siding just once or twice a year can help it last longer and look better longer.

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