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The biggest reason why so many homeowners opt for siding is because they love the way it looks on their homes. When choosing siding though, many don't take into consideration the amount of maintenance that the different materials require. While wood usually is higher maintenance because of painting, staining and repairing, vinyl and other materials need regular cleaning as well. Homeowners can easily damage the siding when they use a pressure washer on the wrong setting or use ordinary household cleaning supplies. Raleigh siding companies understand the difficulties associated with cleaning siding, which is why those companies use the right products and methods when working on the homes of clients.

Products designed for cleaning siding ranges from vinegar and bleach to expensive products designed specifically for wood, metal or vinyl. Some of the ordinary household cleaners that homeowners use can kill their grass and plants and even eat through the siding. The products that contractors use will remove all stuck-on stains and leave the siding looking its best without damaging the home in any way. Those products will even keep the backerboard, trim and any caulk used on the siding safe.

When washing clothes, men and women will often use a pre-treater designed to remove stuck-on stains, and contractors can do the same thing when working on siding.

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Grass stains, paint that dripped off the home's trim and other stains won't come off easily. Contractors can mix a solution of bleach and water or apply a dab of concentrated cleaner to those stains. It may take several applications, but those stains will eventually come off the siding.

Vinyl and metal are strong enough to withstand cleaning from a pressure washer, but a pressure washer can do serious damage to wood. When using a pressure washer, the contractor will turn it to its lowest setting and start at one end of the siding. Using a level hand, the cleaner glides the washer across the siding to remove any dirt and dust without damaging the siding. Some use brushes and specialized tools to clean the siding located around any entrances to avoid damaging windows and doors.

Cleaning and maintaining the siding ensures that its warranty remains intact, but cleaning also keeps the siding looking great. Some chemicals can warp vinyl, corrode metal and significantly damage wood. That is why it's best to work with a siding contractor who understands the importance of properly cleaning those surfaces.

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