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When it comes to siding, homeowners have a wide range of choices, ranging from preferred materials and accessories to color selections. This means that many important decisions need to be made. For homeowners needing some help with the decision process, a Raleigh siding professional can help narrow down selections based on their functional and aesthetic preferences. After all, siding is a major investment, so it only makes sense for homeowners to make an informed decision on siding material.

The first choice a homeowner has to make is the type of siding they want on their home. Vinyl is considered the more cost effective choice. In addition to being affordable, it's also easy to maintain. Homeowners can also choose wood or composite siding. Wood isn't nearly as durable, especially when it comes to offering significant protection from insects and extreme weather. Composite, on the other hand, is extremely versatile, especially when it comes to available trim and accessories.

Maintenance is also a big concern for homeowners. While composite has more versatility than vinyl, homeowners will need to paint it on a regular basis. Composite holds paint fairly well, so it's not likely to need annual repainting. It's also fireproof and rot resistant. As a rule, siding should be installed by a professional to ensure compliance with industry guidelines.

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Composite siding also requires special cutting tools.

Vinyl is probably the most maintenance free material out of all the siding choices available to homeowners. A good cleaning with some soap and water or a garden hose once a year is really all that's needed to clean vinyl siding. It is, however, important for a homeowner to firmly commit to a color they don't mind living with for several years when selecting vinyl since the color is literally part of the material.

Cedar and wood are the two materials that will require the most maintenance for homeowners. Additionally, cedar siding is also more expensive than the more popular vinyl siding. Wood has some serious upkeep issues that homeowners should consider. For homeowners looking for a sleeker look, however, composite has the advantage over vinyl.

When it comes to cost, homeowners need to consider how much work will need to be done. If, for instance, the backerboard from previously installed siding is still in good shape, then it will be more cost effective to install new siding. However, a reliable siding installer will include any additional considerations into their estimates so that a homeowner can make a decision that works within their budget.

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